Comcast My Account

The My Account platform is a one-stop hub for Comcast accountholders. Users can easily pay bills, schedule technician appointments, update Wi-Fi details, and view channel lineups. In collaboration with Comcast's team of product and visual designers, we created a frictionless experience to make account management easy.


The Billing page had to account for the ability to always view the status of the monthly bill, whether it's due in 23 days, 1 day, or -2 days.  The complexity and density of information on the Settings page resulted in a condensed sidebar for simple naviagation between sections, as well as easy to understand groupings of editable information.


95% of My Account traffic is generated by users looking to pay a bill. We were confronted with the challenge of designing a model that is efficient and straightfoward. Our solution is a 3-step breakdown of the billing components with a summary that reflects the actions along the way.


All editing capabilities are completed on individual pages, to maintain focus on the section as well as accounting for variable amounts of information.  Each saved action results in a confirmation of a successful update to the user's account.


Designer — Tracey Chan

UX Designer — Or Leviteh

Designed at Studio Rodrigo