This American Life

This American Life, established in 1995, is one of the most popular podcasts today, downloaded by 2.5 million people every episode. We were brought onto this project for a fresh website redesign, prioritizing the most recent episode, a polished and practical audio player, and multiple browsing methods to guide you in the the right direction, whether it's finding that specific episode or trying something new.


We cater the browsing experience in two distinct ways. If you have a particular episode, topic, contributor or year in mind, the archive page is the place to be. There are robust filters to get you the results you're looking for. On the other hand, if you're feeling more adventurous and curious, This American Life has curated several collections on the Recommended page. These collections are made of up both evergreen content and timely topics.


The audio player is one of the main elements on the site and was therefore designed with maixmum functionality in mind. To ensure its constant presence on the site, we created a sticky player with key controls, a clear indication of the acts in the episode in order to easily jump between them, and an emphasis on This American Life's shortcut tool and share options. When the credits roll in within the last minute of an episode, we recognized an opportunity to recommend episodes to listen to next. The recommended episodes include the next up from the archives and one from a collection, in addition to a playful "surprise me" feature.


Listeners reference specific acts as much as they do episodes, making it equally important that individual acts live on their own page. In addition, this structure makes it easier for users to share the intended URLs. Each episode has a custom background color to set the tone for the week and is consistent across the respective act pages to connect the parent-kid relationship. At the bottom of both pages is a series of other episodes to listen to, organized by related topics, contributors, and/or curated collections.  


Creative Director — Khoi Uong

Lead Designer — Tracey Chan

Designed at Studio Rodrigo

Developed by This American Life