Uprise Art

Uprise Art is a gallery that showcases today’s emerging artists for the next generation of art collectors. The service offers pricing models and advisory services that make the world of art collecting affordable and accessible. We worked closely with Uprise Art and Shift Lab to design a responsive website that shines light on artists and their work, facilitates discovery, and simplifies the buying experience. 


There are two ways to explore Uprise Art’s collection: Discover Art and Art Under $800. These site sections are unique, calling for a design approach that distinguishes between the two. Discover Art features a collection of premium artwork, while Art Under $800 showcases high-quality, more affordable pieces.


This is where visitors turn for insight on artists, collectors and the Uprise Art team. The Journal details artists’ creative journeys and inspiration, and explores buildings and homes that feature Uprise Art-curated pieces. 


Lead Designer — Tracey Chan

Designers — Nick Emrich, Greg Ervanian

Designed at Studio Rodrigo

Developed by Shift Lab