Venamour is a creative studio led by Lisa Hedge, with a focus on inspired and functional wedding stationery. We collaborated closely with Venamour and Shift Lab to create a responsive website to introduce the brand and highlight the thoughts behind each collection. The custom e-commerce experience makes each order unique with a design process tailored to match the couple’s personal vision.


Become familiar with the brand’s collections and understand the concept behind each. Thoughtful explanations of tone, floral motifs and design elements, paired with photographic inspiration, bring the collections to life. 


There are three points of entry into the shopping experience: by collection, occasion, or all items. These paths cater to new customers exploring the breadth of products as well as those who have a particular collection in mind.


Placing an order is a multi-step process to customize your item(s). A progress bar follows you down the page, updated with choices made as you go. Once the steps are completed, a summary card is presented to make sure everything is as you intended.


Design Director — Colleen Redmond

Designer — Tracey Chan

Designed at Studio Rodrigo

Developed by Shift Lab